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TSPROF K03 Standard 2021 Kit with 22% discount!
TSPROF K03 Standard 2021 Kit with 22% discount!

[NEW] TSPROF K03 Pro Sharpening System

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The updated K03 Pro, most popular of the TSPROF sharpening systems, will help you get a perfectly sharp edge of the blade even faster, more accurately and with more convenience. In a kit with Axicube-I, the first electronic angle finder designed specifically for sharpening systems. Setting an angle with an accuracy of 0.1° has never been easier or more convenient, the angle finder is built directly into the abrasive holder. The holder itself consists of two steel guiding rods. A coupling with a special shape ensures a rigid and precise connection. No deflection and maximum precision. The rack and pinion lift is equipped with a steel rail with involute (toothed) gearing, allowing stepless adjustment of the sharpening angle. The slider is driven by a brass toothed wheel, and the steel-brass match ensures smooth movement of the slider. For convenience, the slider is laser marked with a scale of sharpening angles. The TSPROF K03 Pro requires no calibration and is assembled in minutes.

The K03 Pro body has no horizon deviation and the knife is clamped parallel to the table. The modern rack and pinion lift, which has a rail with involute (toothed) gearing and stepless adjustment, allows you to set the angle with an accuracy of 0.1°. The height adjuster with extended angle, due to its improved design, will allow you to sharpen knives in a range of angles from 8° to 39°, which allows you to sharpen to a total angle of up to 78°.

The movable part is connected to the base with a dovetail, which guarantees absolute accuracy of angle setting. An additional locking screw allows the lift to be rigidly locked during deburring operations. An additional lifting rod is used to increase the angle of sharpening. Fixing its position is now more convenient: the fixing screw can be installed on either side of the body. The lift is made of black anodized aircraft aluminum. We moved the angle measuring scale with a reference on the hinge unit to the front side of the slider, and the rod. It will be possible to buy the lift separately and also to use it with the upgrade kit for the Profile K02 sharpener.

The unique rotating mechanism has a wide lever that makes rotation easy and ensures reliable auto-locking of the clamping frame. Thanks to the system of springs and bearings, the frame turns over without wear of the mechanism. The body of the auto-flip system is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum anodized in black.

The universal holder allows you to use any abrasive stones with the sharpener, both on blanks and without them. The abrasive holder has no metal plate, but thanks to the special geometry of the stops, it allows you to fix the abrasives as securely as possible. The abrasive holder bar has an increased length of 694 mm, is made of steel and has high rigidity. The holder rod is collapsible and joined by an aluminum sleeve coupling, with a three-point mounting, which gives the maximum alignment of the connection. The rod is equipped with a convenient thumbscrew for adjustment which allows the rod to be connected in one motion.

The Axicube angle finder comes together with the abrasive holder. Developed specifically for sharpening systems, the angle finder is integrated into the body of the holder's movable stop which allows real-time monitoring of the sharpening angle. The Axicube is rigidly connected to the abrasive holder and is in the plane of the abrasive stone. This allows maximum angle accuracy during use. Axicube allows you to set the angle with an accuracy of up to 0.1°. It has a black anodized aluminum body and it is water, dust, vibration, drop and temperature resistant. Can be used in temperatures from 0°C to +40°C. Charges from a standard micro-USB charger. Each Axicube is calibrated at the factory with verified measuring instruments. Before use, a special calibration plate is used to give it an initial reference angle. If the sharpening device is moved to another surface, a new calibration with the plate is required.

The product is not intended for measurements other than sharpening, correct operation of the product is only possible in combination with the TSPROF K03 Pro. The product is NOT COMPATIBLE with TSPROF Kadet and TSPROF Blitz sharpeners. Correct operation of the product with other sharpening systems is not guaranteed.

Whole-milled clamps, made of high-strength black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. The clamps of this type provide the greatest rigidity and stability of the device. Thanks to the monolithic design of the clamps, their main advantage is the increased resistance to abrasive pressure, which ensures consistency of angles during all phases of work, from roughing to finishing. When working with this type of clamps it is not necessary to calibrate and adjust to different shapes of knives. They have a simple and convenient principle of clamping (using a single L-shaped key), and they allow you to clamp a wide variety of knives, including knives with bevels from the spine, folding knives, kitchen knives, hunting knives, etc.

This TSPROF K03 Pro Sharpening System includes:

  • TSPROF K03 Pro body with built-in Axicube-I electronic angle finder
  • Whole-milled clamps - 2 pcs.
  • Spare parts
  • Packaging: cardboard box with lodgements

More sharpness, more precision, more convenience with TSPROF K03 Pro

The new K03 Pro will help you achieve perfect knife sharpness even faster, with more precision and convenience. Together with the Axicube-i, the first electronic angle finder designed specifically for sharpening systems, it has never been easier or more convenient to set the angle with an accuracy of 0.1°. The rack and pinion lift is equipped with a steel rack with involute (toothed) gearing for stepless adjustment of the sharpening angle. The K03 Pro requires no calibration and is assembled in minutes.


Calibrated steel guides connected by a three-point coupling


*By turning the hinge unit upside down, you can achieve a sharpening angle of 60-70° per side.
It is not the recommended method of sharpening.




The lift has a steel rack with involute (toothed) gearing, which provides stepless adjustment of the sharpening angle



The sharpening angles are printed directly on the body of the lift.



The fixing screw of the extended angle axis can be located on either the left or right side of the lifting mechanism