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TSPROF K03 Sharpener. Standard kit

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  • Trouble-free rotary mechanism
  • Stepless adjustment of the sharpening angle
  • K03 body is made of high-grade D16T aviation aluminum
  • Whole-milled clips made of aviation aluminum
  • Suitable for all types of knives and tools
  • Professional sharpening results in less than 40 minutes after unpacking
  • A set of TSPROF abrasive stones made of silicon carbide, which are suitable for sharpening knives of most grades of steel


The optimal choice. The K03 Standard kit includes everything you need to immediately start professionally sharpening knives, without any additional purchases. In addition to the body with a rotary mechanism and fine adjustment of the sharpening angle, the kit includes simple universal clamps, a massive base, and a set of stones for all stages of sharpening. The perfect gift for a novice knife collector. A set for sharpening most types of knives, including hunting and kitchen knives. The unique design of the clamps adapts to the shape of the blade.

The modification of the K03 body has no horizontal deviations, the knife is clamped parallel to the table. The modern rack and pinion lift with stepless adjustment allows you to set the angle with an accuracy of 0.05°. The range of working angles is from 7° to 23°, which allows you to sharpen the knives at a total angle of up to 46°.

The movable part is connected to the base by a dovetail, which guarantees absolute accuracy in setting the angle. And an additional locking screw allows you to rigidly lock the lift during roughing operations.

Whole-milled clamps are made of high-strength aircraft aluminum. Due to the monolithic design of the clamps, their main advantage is the increased resistance to pressure on the abrasive stone, which ensures constant angles. When working with this type of clamp, calibration, and adjustment to different knife shapes are not required. They have a simple and convenient clamping principle (using a single key), allowing you to clamp a variety of knives, including knives with descents from the spine, folding knives, hunting knives.

The unique rotating mechanism has a wide lever that facilitates rotation and ensures reliable auto-locking of the clip frame. In the rotating mechanism, we use only the most reliable materials: the body of the rotating mechanism is made of hardened steel. Thanks to the system of springs and bearings, the frame turns over without wear of the mechanism.

Sharpen knives with any abrasive you like. The K03 universal abrasive holder supports all stones 6" to 8.5" long and doesn't require 45° bevel on sides.

The 3.5 kg TSPROF steel base holds the sharpener on the table and allows you to work without attaching the sharpening system body with a G-clamp.

The mechanical protractor has a pitch of 1° and helps to control the angle during the sharpening process, when the frame is turned over, when changing the abrasive or sharpening the knife.

A set of TSPROF abrasive stones allows you to immediately start sharpening. The set includes 5 abrasives on aluminum blanks. TSPROF knife sharpening abrasives are universal silicon carbide stones that are suitable for sharpening most steel grades. The set of stones for sharpening contains abrasives of various grain sizes: from 120 to 1000 grit. They work with water and do not require additional purchase of oil for sharpening. This set will be enough for all types of work, from roughing to final grinding.

K03 Standard kit contains:

  • K03 body with main units
  • Set of whole-milled clamps (2 pcs)
  • Set TSPROF abrasives on blanks (5 pcs)
  • TSPROF steel base
  • TSPROF Allen Wrench 4.0 mm
  • Manual
  • Packaging: TSPROF wooden box

Attention! Keep the instructions for the entire warranty period. Warranty service is carried out only in the presence of instructions.


Download manual

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Samuel S.
United States United States

Best sharpening device ever. Super precision!

Very well built.

Karl D.
United States United States

Work of art

This machine is a work of art. A joy to look at and use. Finely crafted and does an outstanding job. The only problem is doing small pocket knifes. The provided jaws are too big. Easy to over come with accessory jaws. The provided stones do a decent job, but I bought a 2300 diamond to take it a step further. Really a nice machine.

Andrew M.
United States United States

KO3. “The BEAST”

I first ordered the kadet for myself. Love the machine no takeaways. Works as advertised ran out of knives to sharpen. I somehow talked my wife into letting me buy the K03. But I told her I would give the kadet away as a gift. So I did my stepfather loves it. So excited the KO3 came in and I was so out of words with how well-made my system is. When I received my package I opened it and there was some minor damage. Really the stones were damaged it was probably done in shipping. I contacted TSPROF And they sent me a new said no questions asked also it came in a pouch which I am so ecstatic. I’m sure it was done and shipping it had nothing to do with them but they still took care of it that is 100% quality product and-service. Also received a free Camp stove for the promotion when I purchased it in October all in all I’m 100% happy with my purchase I And customer service

Andrew C.
United States United States

Lives up to reputation

Overall experience was great. I shouldve ordered the extension together with sharpener but once i got the extension my sharpening times were cut down greatly. Very easy to use

Phillip K.
United States United States

Sharp to sharper

This product can and will sharpen any knife to be sharper with perfection. My package came in damaged do to shipping.. I had to adjust and make it true.. I had contacted tsprof and got a response of concern but waiting reply. For the cost I expected a bit more response. At the end of the day this unit works great once it is tuned and works to perfection. Mr. K