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[DISCONTINUED] BLITZ 360 Complete - TSPROF Precision Knife Sharpener



Small size - the most compact of professional sharpeners.*

Completely made of metal - we choose only the most reliable materials.

Flip-n-Sharp rotary mechanism - sharpen your knives with maximum comfort.

V. C. Angleset system - set the desired angle in one motion.

Saves your time - blitz can be assembled in a matter of seconds, and the sharpening process takes very little time.

Range of angles - set any angle from 8° to 35° (inclusive angle up to 70°).

Ultra-precision - incredible accuracy up to 0.1°.

Abrasives included - effective, easy to use and maintain set of diamond plates.

*among TSPROF sharpeners.

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TSPROF Blitz 360 - the professional version of the compact knife sharpener TSPROF Blitz is an indispensable assistant for sharpening small everyday knives. Overall size of the device: 13x12x12cm, and the weight is only 1.5 kg. It is easy to take with you on an outing in nature with your friends and it is convenient to store at home.

The Blitz 360 is equipped with a Flip-n-Sharp rotary mechanism that allows you to sharpen the knife without removing it from the clamps. Two steel clamps securely fix knives up to 200 mm long.

A unique feature of the device is the V. C. Angleset system. Setting the angle on the Blitz occurs due to the movement of the knife regarding the virtual center. This gives additional comfort when sharpening and reduces the impact of abrasive on the cutting edge.

A distinctive feature of the Blitz 360 version is the hinge assembly, which is not limited by the size of the body. The 360-degree hinge unit gives you complete freedom when sharpening. The range of sharpening angles with the 360-degree pivot is increased to 70° (35° per side). This significantly expands the range of sharpened knives.

The abrasive guide rod is installed in the hinge unit with a gap of only 0.02 mm. The silent movement of the guide rod gives a new level of comfort when working.

TSPROF Blitz 360 is equipped with a platform for a digital protractor, with which you can control the angle of sharpening the blade to tenths of a degree.

Included with the device five diamond plates, with different grain sizes:
Extra Coarse (≈F150) - rough pre-sharpening, which will help to form the shape of the grind.
Coarse (≈F220) - the next stage, after the formation of the general profile of the knife. The beginning of the usual sharpening of the knife.
Medium (≈F400) - removes the micro-saw formed during the previous stages.
Fine (≈F600) - сompletes the main sharpening. This level is enough to cut tender tomatoes and not to blunt the knife from cutting the rope.
Extra Fine (≈F1000) - even finer finishing of the cutting edge to the “hair whittling" state.

To bring your knife to perfection, use a polishing kit.

In addition to the included abrasives, the universal holder in the Blitz 360 allows you to work with any abrasives up to 150 mm long, even without a blank.

TSPROF Blitz is a professional level of sharpening at your home. Now in a compact size.

The Blitz 360 Complete Kit includes:

  • - Blitz 360 Body
  • - Universal Abrasive holder
  • - Diamond plates 5 pcs (Extra coarse, Coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra fine)
  • - Leather on aluminum blank
  • - Dialux Blanc polishing paste
  • - Digital protractor stand
  • - Spare parts (bumpers 5 pcs, screws 2 pcs, allen wrenches 1.5, 2mm)
  • - Alcohol wipes 5 pcs
  • - Permanent marker
  • - Clamps screwdriver 2.0 mm

*among other TSPROF devices as of 2019.


Body material Aluminum alloy
Clamps material Construction steel
Stand material Steel
Overall dimensions 4.7х 5.1х 5.3″ / 120x130x134mm
Weight of the device 3.3lbs / 1.5kg
Max spine thickness 0.1772″ / 4.5mm
Blade length 1.2-7.9″ / 30-200mm
Max blade width 0.98″ / 25mm
Abrasive thickness 0.12-0.61″ / 3-15.6mm
Max abrasive length 5.9″ 150mm
Minimal sharpening angle (per side)
Maximal sharpening angle (per side) 35°


Attention! Keep the instructions for the entire warranty period. Warranty service is carried out only in the presence of instructions.




The device folds easily and while folded takes up very little space.
Many professional sharpeners got used to the fact that sharpening machines are either bulky stationary systems or very simple pocket devices. We are changing the concept of the professional sharpening. TSPROF Blitz is completely made of metal, like the large TSPROF K03 and has the same high level of accuracy but with the size slightly larger than a cup of tea.
Modern processing methods and the reduction of the size of the turning mechanism allowed us to produce parts with high accuracy in a single technological cycle.



V.C. Angleset system — means convenient angle setting.
The minimum sharpening angle is 8° per side, and the maximum is more than 25°. The optimal geometric dimensions of the angular joints of the kinematic scheme of the sharpener can minimize the weight of the abrasive holder. Flat abrasive, leaning on the cutting edge in working position always stays in the horizontal plane and does not change its orientation almost in the entire range. This becomes especially important at the final stages of sharpening, when it is necessary to control the "fluent" touch of the abrasive, excluding the influence of dynamic loads from the movement of the abrasive holder during sharpening. Convenient rotation handle gives a quick and uniform change of the angle, leaving the abrasive in place and creating good conditions for controlling the blade.



TSPROF Blitz got all the advantages of a clamping frame mount with two independent clamps variable connected to the frame and facilitated 180° rotation without reinstalling the knife. We have kept the famous swivel mechanism with all the advantages of a clamping frame with two independent clamps. Two clamps made of constructional steel securely clamp knives with a blade length up to 200 mm. The whole-milled clamping frame is securely fixed in the working position, the rotation occurs with a slight push of the rotation lever.



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William O.
United States

What a beautiful sharpening tool

This tool made sharpening knives quick and accurate with a clean defined kerf.

Doug L.
United States United States

Blitz 360 Complete - Great Product, Zero Support

I’d love to give it 5 stars, since the sharpener is fantastic. But one of the stones (600) has a defect and there is no way to get it replaced. I emailed and called multiple times. No response to the email and all the calls went straight to hold, until they were dropped. I never reached anyone to replace the bad stone. Other than the one bad stone and abysmal customer service, the rest of the kit is fantastic. Buy the kit, but assume that you’re on your own!

A TSPROF Customer
John W.
United States United States


Great best product I have ever used to get my knifes super sharp.

Widney B.
United States United States

I LOVE this sharpener, but...

I absolutely LOVE this sharpening system, but... The extra coarse diamond stone lasted about 2 months of regular use. All of the other stones are still perfect, but, the extra coarse just doesn't cut anymore. I have reached out about this and received no help. I'll continue to do so because I love this system, I love the company and I think it's just a faulty part or just needs refined.

William J.
United States United States

Upgraded my game.

I’m loving it! The ol knives are getting razor blade edges now!!

Fantastic Knife sharpener - Expensive but very effective and great quality
Reviewed in Canada on August 15, 2021

Fantastic Knife sharpener - Expensive but very effective and with a great quality. I am not a sharpening expert, only a knife lover who wanted to sharpen his knifes without damaging it. Total success :-)). My knifes cut like razor as they did when they were brand new and it's very easy to get it with this fantastic tool. Of course, it's not cheap but very high quality, perfect design which will allow you to sharpen your knifes like a pro without any risk. It is compact and you can put it in a small bag and transport it everywhere. I use a camera bag which fits perfectly the tool. I highly recommend that you go to the 360 model. It will give you more options and it is easier to use than the standard model. I bought the complete set as I didn't have any previous sharpening gears. It's complete and you do not need anything else to sharpen your knifes like a pro. But if you already have sharpening stones or angle cube, then you can go directly with the Blitz 360 alone.

Orion 64

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