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Boride CS-HD Kit (with blanks and cover) (6pcs)

CS-HD - a series of synthetic stones made of silicon carbide, characterized by a thinner and sharper grain, which allows you to quickly form a cutting edge. The solid structure allows you to easily work on any type of steel with a hardness of 47 to 63 HRC.
All stones are delivered glued to forms indicating the name of the stone and grit. The protective bag is also coming with the kit.

Stone Size: 150 × 25 × 6mm
Grain: F120, F220, F320, F600, F800, F1200.
Material: Silicon Carbide

Recommendations for work: Boride CS-HD series works with both oil and water coolants. To increase the productivity of the roughing process with rough stones, it is recommended to use coolant with a low density, water or a specialized coolant from the company Profile, in this case, as a rule, it is preferable to oil. The alignment of the bar is carried out on glass, on silicon carbide powder. During operation and when cleaning from salting, it is allowed to use household detergents.