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Boride T2 Kit (6pcs) on blanks

Boride is a famous brand on the abrasive market, that offers professional sharpening stones of different sizes and materials. Boride can boast various abrasive stones for absolutely any kitchen knife, and the forty-year experience of the manufacturer guarantees that the sharpening and polishing tools of this brand will extend the life of even the most fastidious blades for a long time.
The blue T2 series is made of aluminum oxide and uses a very hard bond.
Due to this, it has high performance and a lower-than-average wear rate.
Boride recommends T2 as the best series for working with stainless steel.

Stone dimensions: 25×6mm. (1/4*1*6")
Gritness: 150, 220, 320, 600, 800, 1200 grit
Material: Aluminum oxide

White stains and scratches on the working space are allowed. They don't influence abrasive efficiency. Small chips unless on the working surface are allowed.

Work recommendations: there are no special deviations from the general recommendations and maintenance rules for Boride T2 series stones. When sharpening, you can use both oil-based and water-based coolant. Cleaning the stone from the slum is carried out in the water, using a hard brush and a soap solution. Stones are leveled on a thick glass or mirror using silicon carbide powder.