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Free delivery of any sharpening kit with same day handling!
Free delivery of any sharpening kit with same day handling!

TSPROF K03 Sharpener. Start kit

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  • Trouble-free rotary mechanism.
  • Stepless adjustment of the sharpening angle.
  • K03 body is made of high-grade D16T aviation aluminum
  • Whole-milled clamps made of aviation aluminum.
  • Suitable for all types of knives and tools.
  • Professional sharpening results in less than 40 minutes after unpacking.
  • Compatible with Edge Pro ™ stones, natural stones, boride stones, etc.


The most practical configuration of the device. Ideal for those who want to upgrade their device to a more modern version and it already has everything you need. Also, this set is perfect for those who want to assemble their own unique set and complement it to their taste. A set for sharpening most types of knives, including hunting and kitchen knives. The unique design of the clamps adapts to the shape of the blade.

The modification of the K03 body has no horizontal deviations, the knife is clamped parallel to the table. The modern rack and pinion lift with stepless adjustment allows you to set the angle with an accuracy of 0.05°. The range of working angles is from 7° to 23°, which allows you to sharpen the knives at a total angle of up to 46°.

The movable part is connected to the base by a dovetail joint, which guarantees absolute accuracy in setting the angle. And an additional locking screw allows you to rigidly lock the lift during roughing operations.

The unique rotating mechanism has a wide lever that facilitates rotation and ensures reliable auto-locking of the clamp frame. In the rotating mechanism, we use only the most reliable materials: the body of the rotating mechanism is made of hardened steel. Thanks to the system of springs and bearings, the frame turns over without wear of the mechanism.

Whole-milled clamps, made of high-strength aviation aluminum. This type of clamps provides the greatest rigidity and stability of the device. Thanks to the monolithic design of the clamps, their main advantage is the increased resistance to pressure on the abrasive, which ensures the constancy of the angles at all stages of work, from roughing to finishing. When working with this type of clamps, calibration and adjustment to different shapes of knives are not required, as well as a simple and convenient clamping principle (using a single key), allow you to clamp a variety of knives, including knives with descents from the spine, folding knives, hunting knives.

The universal holder allows you to use any abrasive stones with the sharpener.

The mechanical protractor has a pitch of 1° and helps to control the angle during the sharpening process, when the frame is turned over, when changing the abrasive or sharpening the knife.

The K03 Start kit includes:

  • K03 body with main components
  • Whole-milled clamps 2 pcs
  • 4.0 mm screwdriver
  • Manual
  • Cardboard box woth foam inserts

Abrasives are not included!
For beginners, we recommend adding a set of diamond plates to the order.

Attention! Keep the instructions for the entire warranty period. Warranty service is carried out only in the presence of instructions.

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Christopher S.
United States United States

Great results - not worth $500

Pros: First, I can't stress how exceptionally well built this thing is. This is 100% a precision sharpening tool that is capable of assisting a consistent, beautiful, razor sharp edge. With the right attachments/accessories, it can sharpen everything from a Victorinox pocket knife to a Schrade Bolo Machete (Schbolo) to have a scary sharp shave-worthy edge. The clamps are sturdy and secure your blade tightly, with zero movement (unless it is a full flat grind - more on that later). The guide rod is such a perfect fit for the hole that it does need to be lubricated to prevent sticking, but it is smooth and a joy to use. The stone holder is a miracle of engineering, and is easily adjustable for plenty of stone sizes. It is absolutely portable, but it is certainly heavy. The precision angle guide takes much of the guess work out of compensating for stone thickness, making it much easier to simply adjust the height of the guide to ensure consistent angle. Cons: The base unit with no attachments or accessories (except the beautifully made whole milled aluminum clamps) is near abouts $500. Stones not included. If you're upgrading from a KME and want to use those stones, you're SOL unless you modify the stone holder. Want to sharpen a pocket knife? Gotta get the right clamp for that, or you're gonna damage the included clamps. Want to sharpen at a steep angle? Gotta invest another $200 in the extended angle bracket. Wanna sharpen scissors? Gotta get that Universal Tool Table for $90. Don't want to clamp it down to your table? Gotta fork over $80 for the weighty base. You can get everthing and some stones for just shy of $1000, which is outrageous. The only way I'd be able to justify such a steep price is if you have a well established sharpening business wherein you could pass the cost off to your client. Additionally, while the clamps are absolutely well made and great at keeping a blade secure while sharpening, they are ill equipped for sharpening blades with full flat grinds, like Spyderco or any kitchen knives; also there is no rubber bolster to prevent your blades from getting scratched or for extra grip. The older style clamps that have 3 screws (2 to clamp down, one to increase/decrease clamp angle) are better than the now stock whole milled clamps, and can accommodate a shallower sharpening angle, but the provided screws are too short to adequately clamp a Spyderco PM2. Should you buy it? If you're a stickler for precision and consistent results like I am, absolutely. If you're a professional, 100%. If you're looking to touch up your knives twice yearly, absolutely not.

Timothy M.
United States United States

TSPROF KO3 Sets the Standard

The first knife I sharpened was an old Buck Hunter from the seventies, It looked like someone tried to use this knife as a wire cutter at some point. Re- profiled it and had it shaving hair off my arm in 30 minutes. KO3 isn't about hype, it's all about quality. Love it❤

Larry M.
United States United States

Excellent sharpener!

I got the K03 kit and I love it. Easy to use, accurate and well made. Works good on long kitchen knifes also.

Viktor K.

The best value kit in my opinion