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🔥 Axicube One already available ➡

TSPROF® Kadet Expert sharpening system means perfect sharpness of your knives always at the fingertips. Universal clamps allow you to sharpen both folding and large hunting knives.

All you need for good sharpening in the TSPROF® Kadet Expert sharpener: rotary mechanism, angle range from 8,5 to 28,5 degrees, rigid construction and absolute precision in every detail.

The rotary mechanism of the TSPROF Kadet Expert sharpener will help to maintain the same sharpening angle on both sides of the knife. After the flip, the lever firmly fixes the frame with clamps.

The TSPROF Kadet Expert frame is compatible with any clamps from the K03 sharpening system. Fillet, single, classic double clamp and even a small universal table for sharpening tools.

TSPROF ® Kadet Expert is easy to disassemble and fold for storage or transport. The weight of the device makes the sharpener mobile and gives sufficient stability when sharpening.

Spine thickness of knives: up to 7 mm
Blade length: up to 300 mm
Blade width: 40 mm
Minimum sharpening angle: 8.5°
Maximum sharpening angle: 28.5°
Compatible with abrasives from 10 to 160 mm long
Compatible with abrasives from 3 to 15 mm thick
Weight: 2100 grams

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Brian J.
United States United States

Nice little system that could use small improvements

Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2021 I received my system today. I waited a week for it after ordering. Sharpening system and diamond abrasive stone set of 150, 220, 400, 600 and 1000 for $332 shipped on the Black Friday special. I didn't realize that U.S. operations for TSPROF are handled by a fulfillment service. Therefore, getting ahold of someone there proved difficult. I'd suggest using an authorized retailer if possible rather than the fulfillment approach. I tried contacting them 4 times and received a reply only once thru the messaging service on the page. Upon ordering I was sent a text message that said I'd receive tracking information once my system was shipped and that never happened. My phone call and e-mail have still gone unanswered as well as once on the messaging service. Now to the system. Packaging was relatively nice, one thing that I'd prefer is getting away from styrofoam. During shipping the styrofoam gets damaged and makes for a really messy unpacking experience. I would gladly pay an extra $5 for foam inserts so that A; there's no mess and B; storing the system in the original box would be preferable. As it is now I won't use the original box because of the styrofoam messiness and that's a shame. Assembly of the system was really simple if you watch a couple of their videos widely available online. At first, I thought the diamond stones would be too small for my liking and I was wrong. They really are a nice size for the system. I also was Leary of the wooden handle being concerned that I would end up ramming my hand into the knife blade but after sharpening 3 knives my fears quickly diminished. I would like to see the rubber feet increased in size or removed for a full rubber surface on the bottom. I thought that this was a weak point in the system and made it just a bit unstable. I cured this by putting my off hand on top of the base to steady. The base is nice and heavy but the logo plate (actually just a rubber mat glued on) needs to be metal like the serial number plate on bottom. I'm sure it will get lost quickly because it was crooked and not glued on very well when I received it. I actually pulled it off and repositioned it straight and it's not secure at all. The clamps and rotating arm along with the stone holder are very well made. light and solid as hell. the rotating arm is smooth as is the abrasive holder after putting a few drops of oil on the sliding surfaces. Abrasive stone came in a nice little nylon pouch that will last forever. I love the park feature to get the abrasive holder out of the way when working on placing or removing a knife or when rotating the assembly. I was concerned that I was making a mistake by purchasing this system rather than the K03 but this one seems to be rather nice. I would recommend 100%. My only regret is not getting the small universal table when I ordered the Kadet. I'd sure like to get ahold of a K03 to compare the two though. Fear not for the average knife person this system will fill the bill and last a lifetime. Even with the few things that I'd like to see changed, this is a solid little system and will get 5 stars from me. I'd like to give it 4.8 if that was an option.

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