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📉 TSPROF Blitz 360 Standard kit – 20% off 🔥
📉 TSPROF Blitz 360 Standard kit – 20% off 🔥

The TSPROF Kadet ® Nero knife sharpening system is the perfect knife sharpness no matter where you are. Universal clamps allow you to sharpen both: compact folding knives and solid hunting knives.

TSPROF Kadet Nero is anodized in black color according to the international Qualanod standard. Anodizing is used to improve corrosion resistance and strengthen the structure of the aluminum surface. This coating method allows the device to maintain its perfect appearance for many years.

TSPROF Kadet Nero has everything for the highest quality sharpening: knife rotating mechanism, the ability to set any angle from 8.5° to 28.5°, rigid construction and absolute precision in every detail.

The rotary mechanism of the TSPROF Kadet Nero sharpener will help to maintain the same sharpening angle on both sides of the knife. After the flip, the lever firmly fixes the frame with clamps.

The TSPROF Kadet Nero frame is compatible with any clamps from the K03 sharpening system. Fillet, single, classic double clamp and even a small universal table for sharpening of tools.

TSPROF Kadet Nero is easy to disassemble and fold for storage or transportation. The weight of the sharpener makes it portable and gives sufficient stability when sharpening.

The TSPROF Kadet Nero sharpening kit will allow you to start sharpening knives without a long choice of abrasives. The kit includes 5 TSPROF ® diamond plates of various grain sizes, from rough (Extra Coarse) to finishing (Very Fine). These plates do not require soaking or the use of oil.

The TSPROF Kadet Nero Kit knife sharpening system includes:

  • TSPROF Kadet Expert.
  • Set of TSPROF Diamond Plates (5 pcs.)



Spine thickness of knives: up to 7 mm

Blade length: up to 300 mm

Blade width: 40 mm

Minimum sharpening angle: 8.5°

Maximum sharpening angle: 28.5°

Abrasives length: from 10 to 160 mm

Abrasives thickness: from 3 to 15 mm

Weight: 2100 grams

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Rich G.
United States

Excellent sharpener

The kadet nero was easy to set up and use. Very well built. The only reason for not getting 5 stars is the diamond stones. I sharpened two knives and they are already pretty worn. I need to upgrade to a better set of stones.

Regan Y.
United States United States

Finally I get my hands on a Kadet Sharpener

When I initially received my Sharpener, I was impressed with it overall quality, built and precision… I had a great initial impression. Then I was again impressed about its sharpening capabilities to sharpen a wide range of blades length and shape of blades as well as it’s precision to sharpen equally on each side of the blade. After some use, I am now want to upgrade my sharpening stones to enhance my sharpening experience and results with the Kadet sharpener… My only compliant about the Kadet is that the standard clamps on this sharpener sometimes gets in the way of the sharpening stone and I wear down the edges of clamps due to having enough height and angle for the stones… I believe there are whole milled clamps accessories that are better for smaller blades and will minimize the scraping/rubbing of the blade clamps… I will purchase these clamps and see if this resolves the rubbing issue. Overall, feel the TSPROF Kadet and other models are terrific and stands heads and toes above the competition. I highly recommend this sharpener to other Knife fanatics like me! Regan, Hawaii

Leithan S.
United States United States

Awesome product

I love my Kadet, I have sharpend around a 100 knives so far. It’s nice and compact, stores away very easily. My only two complaints are the sticker on the base peeled after 2 uses and the little wooden ball handle is not any where near the quality of the rest of the sharpener. Both very minor complaints.

Randall S.
United States United States

Like a razor

Before i turned all my knives into butter knives.Now I am finally able to put a razor edge on my knives. The Kadet is very precise and easy to use. My sharp knives make kitchen work a breeze.

Chris A.
United States United States


I upgraded from a much cheaper guided system to the kadet Nero and couldn't be happier. Thus far I have sharpened every knife I own as well as many friends and family members knives. This system is easy to use and I don't feel like there's much of a learning curve. I definitely recommend buying one. It's also nice that there are lots of stone options that will work with the Tprof systems.