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Manual Knife sharpener USA

It is a complex of high precision equipment made of CNC machined metal. State-of-the-art manufacturing technology ensures excellent accuracy and angle consistency. Sharpen your hunting, kitchen, outdoor and EDC knives with a constant angle of up to 35 degrees per side. TSPROF guarantees an excellent sharpening result for amateurs, and gives professionals a universal solution for sharpening different cutting tools of any steel.


Blog Posts

  • How to create a mirror edge on a knife?

    How to create a mirror edge on a knife?

    The mirror edge on the blade for many knife fans is the main criterion for high-quality sharpening and great sharpness. Although in reality, there is no direct correlation between the mirror edge and the maximum sharpness. Besides, the matte edge...

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  • Italian Stiletto: history and modernity

    Italian Stiletto: history and modernity

    Italian stilettos are one of the few modern knives that trace their continuous history back to the Middle Ages. Оn the example of these knives that we can trace the process of evolution of the European knife tradition over several...

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