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Manual Knife sharpener USA

It is a complex of high precision equipment made of CNC machined metal. State-of-the-art manufacturing technology ensures excellent accuracy and angle consistency. Sharpen your hunting, kitchen, outdoor and EDC knives with a constant angle of up to 35 degrees per side. TSPROF guarantees an excellent sharpening result for amateurs, and gives professionals a universal solution for sharpening different cutting tools of any steel.


Blog Posts

  • TSPROF Whole-Milled Clamps

    TSPROF Whole-Milled Clamps

    The clamps for the TSPROF K03 knife sharpener are made of high-strength aircraft aluminum of the 7075-T6 brand. This material allows you to get products with minimal weight, but with high strength. There are three types of clamps made of...

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  • How to create a mirror edge on a knife?

    How to create a mirror edge on a knife?

    The mirror edge on the blade for many knife fans is the main criterion for high-quality sharpening and great sharpness. Although in reality, there is no direct correlation between the mirror edge and the maximum sharpness. Besides, the matte edge...

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