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šŸ”„ Axicube One already available āž”
šŸ”„ Axicube One already available āž”

Manual Knife sharpener USA

It is a complex of high precision equipment made of CNC machined metal. State-of-the-art manufacturing technology ensures excellent accuracy and angle consistency. Sharpen your hunting, kitchen, outdoor and EDC knives with a constant angle of up to 35 degrees per side. TSPROF guarantees an excellent sharpening result for amateurs, and gives professionals a universal solution for sharpening different cutting tools of any steel.


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  • Worlds Sharpest Knife
    May 9, 2023

    Worlds Sharpest Knife

    Everyone understands the purpose of a knife, but when it comes to sharpness, it is far from obvious. One of the most telling parameters of any knife is, of course, its sharpness in the first place, and in the best...

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  • Knife sharpening stone
    May 5, 2023

    Knife sharpening stone

    If you ask a person unfamiliar with knife sharpening, or even a beginner, what is a knife sharpening stone, you are likely to hear a description of a rectangular, oblong object that can be used to sharpen a blade. Many...

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  • Best knife sharpening system
    May 2, 2023

    Best knife sharpening system

    To name the best knife sharpener is both a technological and a purely theoretical challenge. In the marketing aspect, the manufacturer can certainly call their knife sharpener whatever they want, but you must agree that if the product name includes...

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