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Free Shipping For All Sharpening Kits Within The USA 🚚
Free Shipping For All Sharpening Kits Within The USA 🚚



This section provides answers to frequently asked questions.

1. Why is your knife sharpener so expensive?

2. Can the Blitz replace the TSPROF K03?

3. What abrasives to choose for sharpening?

4. Where do you send your sharpeners?

5. Is there a universal abrasive stone?

6. What is the difference between diamond bars and diamond plates?

7. Can I use your sharpeners to sharpen scissors, chisels, and ice bore blades?

8. Can I sharpen the serrated blade on your sharpeners?

9. How long do the diamond stones serve?

10. What can be sharpened on your sharpening system?

11. Is there any backlash in the rotary mechanism and the K03 rack-and-pinion lift?

12. How long can your sharpener serve?

13. Can I sharpen a hunting knife on a Blitz sharpener?

14. What sharpening kit do I need?


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