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The Best Gift For A Man - TSPROF Sharpening System

The Best Gift For A Man - TSPROF Sharpening System


On the eve of the most beloved holiday – Christmas and the New Year celebration following it, many people think about unusual and useful gifts. It is no secret that it is not easy to make a choice. The standard set of men's gifts repeated from year to year no longer brings pleasure and does not give the effect of a holiday. For men, especially lovers of hunting, fishing, and just outdoor activities, a good modern knife sharpener will be a great gift.


We are all familiar with the traditional methods of sharpening knives since childhood. Most often, this is either a pull-through sharpener or a sharpening stone, made in China from an unknown abrasive material. After "sharpening" the knife on these devices, it really seems that the knife has become sharper, but only for a short period of time. In fact, this "sharpness" is lost very quickly and, also, significantly spoils the knife. A rough micro-saw is formed on the blade, the angle is not maintained and too much metal is removed.

An alternative can be a modern and high-tech sharpener with a rotary mechanism. TSPROF sharpening systems allow you to maintain the sharpness of the knife for as long as possible, sharpening turns into a pleasant and interesting hobby. With our sharpeners, it is possible to achieve not only a perfectly smooth and beautiful secondary bevel, mirrory, or mat, depending on your desire. But the level of sharpness itself is achieved much higher, the knife after such a sharpening can shave hair, cut thin paper, etc.   


This becomes possible with the use of a specially selected set of five abrasive stones for sharpening. As abrasive synthetic, diamond stones, CBN, and natural stones can be used. For the finishing stage of sharpening and polishing of the blade, diamond polishing compounds can be used, as well as special pastes applied on a leather blank.


Besides, our K03 and Kadet sharpening systems allow you to clamp and sharpen long knives, thin fillet knives, machetes, kitchen choppers, and flat-spine tourist hatchets. It also allows you to sharpen a knife with convex geometry or create a symmetrical convex edge on a knife with a standard V-edge grind. All these features are available on one universal device.

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TSPROF offers three types of sharpening systems:

500506223ff366e557addc56af639c0d (1).jpg TSPROF Blitz knife sharpener — for home use. Popular among owners of EDC knives.

IMG_1536.jpgTSPROF Kadet sharpening system — for traveling sharpeners. It is convenient to take it with you on a hunt.


щощшдбд.jpg TSPROF K03 sharpening system — for professional use. For the widest range of knives and abrasives.

ith our sharpeners, any man will plunge into a new, completely unknown world of sharpening. And, immersed in the sharpening theme, you can't help but learn more about knives, their geometry, the steel used on the blades, the sharpening angles that are suitable for different knives. The process of sharpening on TSPROF knife sharpeners is very meditative and soothing. Sharpening becomes not just a way to create sharpness of the knife, but a rest from everyday worries and a kind of male relaxation. In the future, the hobby can even grow into a profitable business.

 A sharpener with a rotary mechanism can be a great gift for all fishermen, hunters, tourists, and knife collectors. This is a man's tool that allows you to get a notable result of your work in a comfortable environment, without leaving home.

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