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TSPROF K03 sharpening device, suitable for professional sharpeners and knife collectors. It is made entirely of steel and aircraft aluminum and will serve you for many years. The sharpener allows you to maintain a constant angle when flipping the knife, which makes the secondary bevel smooth and symmetrical. The TSPROF K03 uses the Direct Angleset system, which allows you to set the sharpening angle with one hand with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees, using an digital protractor. Any, even the most expensive and “capricious” knives can be sharpened with the help of our device: kitchen and hunting knives, recurved blades and complex geometry, the shortest and longest blades. The stability of the structure is ensured by the possibility of using both a G-clamp and a special massive base. The total weight of the sharpener with it is 7 kg, which allows you to sharpen the heaviest tools: machetes, kukri and tourist hatchets. Separately to the device, you can purchase an additional clamp - a "small universal table" that allows you to sharpen scissors and chisels, as well as a number of special adapters for creating a convex edge. There are also special clamps for sharpening fillet knives and slicers. The sharpening device is supplied with the most extensive set of sharpening accessories: synthetic abrasive stones, diamond plates and bars, as well as various polishing pastes. You can buy TSPROF K03 sharpening system with the shipping from our Michigan warehouse on our website.

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