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Set Of Rectangular Diamond Plates On Blanks (5 Pcs)

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Today, the most common sharpening stones are diamond plates with galvanic coating. The TSPROF branded diamond plates are available in 5 grit sizes: from roughing to finishing. These plates are included in our sharpening kits and are perfect for beginning sharpeners.

— Do not require soaking
— Can be used dry
— Work quickly
— Low cost
— 150-1000 Grit

Diamond plates on galvanic bond provide 
intensive metal removing and can be used for the cutting edge with significant damage (chips, bends etc.).

The set of diamond plates on blanks includes:
— F150 Extra Coarse diamond plate is used for roughing of the edge and forming the shape of the blade.
— F220 Coarse diamond plate is used for forming of the cutting edge.
— F400 Medium diamond plate  is used for main sharpening operations and creating of the aggressive/biting cut.
— F600 Fine diamond plate  is used for pre-finishing of the cutting edge and removing of noticeable marks.
— F1000 Very Fine diamond plate  is used for finishing of the cutting edge.

These abrasives work much more aggresively than stones on organic or metallic bond with the same grain size. It is achieved due to the protruding diamond grains, whereas grains of the organic or metallic bond get stuck in the binder and mixed with it. The grain concentration in a layer is 100%. At the same time, it should be noted that in terms of the duration of work, such plates will be inferior to plates on other bonds due to a thin layer of spraying, which is actively erased during the sharpening process.

You also should remember, that by working with soft steels (up to 58 HRC) these diamond stones will work out faster than by working with harder steels.

Diamond stones on galvanic bond don't require preparing for work (levelling, "cheering up" etc.).

Abrasive dimensions: 4х25х150 mm
— 150 grit (FEPA-F)
— 220 grit (FEPA-F)
— 400 grit (FEPA-F)
— 600 grit (FEPA-F)
— 1000 grit (FEPA-F)

Product works great

Reviewed in the United States
on August 3, 2021

Just a little water and go trough the grits, sharpens knives extremely well.

Robert L. Roy

Good diamond plates
Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2021

They work well and clean up easily.

J. Schmitt

really decent for the price.
Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2021

I am actually happy with this diamond stone set for the price I paid. Way better than the stone that are glued to a plastic backing. The stone set comes with a rollup case. after trying them a few times, I am looking at purchasing one of their sharpening systems I have been looking at when I am able to affor upgrade to one. Seems like the products will be of great value.


Good price for aluminum mounted stones. They do an excellent job
Reviewed in the United States on January 24, 2021

Good price for an aluminum mouted set of stones I use diamond stones for all my sharpening they don't separate from like a lot of the stones that are mounted on plastic . I would rather jut pay for one set not several

Amazon customer

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Zachary D.
United States United States

Great set of electroplated diamond stones at a respectable price

When I ordered my TSProf, I got a set of these to learn the sharpener along with an 8 piece spread of Venev Orion-series stones. I've MOSTLY just used these stones so far as they work great, and I don't want to put a bunch of wear on my Venevs for cheap knives which make up a lot of my family's collections. These stones cut pretty quickly, clean up easily, and the very fine F600 and F1000 stones are as fine as you'd want to get for run of the mill steels that can't hold a keen edge very long. I would like to see maybe an F100 or F80 grit option available too for really beaten knives, but otherwise this set will take care of you well, especially paired with a few strops and finishing stones!