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Free Shipping For All Sharpening Kits Within The USA 🚚

TSPROF K03 Pro Hunter Sharpening Kit

SKU TS-K3P220020


• Large size - full-size professional sharpening system.
• Top-of-the-line - comes with the Axicube-I angle finder.
• Reliable materials - 7075T6 aircraft aluminum.
• Turning mechanism - semi-automatic mechanism helps to keep the same angle on both sides of the blade.
• One hand angle adjustment - easy to set the angle thanks to the rack and pinion lift.
• Sharpening angle - from 8° to 39° per side, maximum total angle - up to 78°.
• Blade thickness - up to 7mm/0.275" in.
• Blade length - from 60 to 450 mm/2.4" - 17.7" in (in some cases up to 700 mm).
• Universal holder - use any flat-end or Edge Pro stones up to 210 mm long.
• Abrasives included - set of five effective, easy to use, and maintain diamond plates (150-1000 grit).

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The K03 Protop-of-the-line TSPROF sharpener, will help you get a perfectly sharp edge of the blade even faster, with more precision and convenience.

Easy and convenient angle setting and real-time monitoring with an accuracy of 0,1°

K03 Pro comes with the Axicube-I, the first electronic angle finder designed specifically for sharpening systems. The angle finder is integrated into the body of the holder's movable stop which allows real-time monitoring of the sharpening angle. Axicube-I allows you to set the angle with an accuracy of up to 0.1°

The angle finder has a durable aircraft aluminum body and is resistant to vibrations. It can be used in temperatures from 0°C to +40°C. The axicube charges with a standard micro-USB charger.

Each Axicube-i is calibrated at the factory with verified measuring instruments. Before first use on the new surface, the device should be calibrated using a special calibration plate to give it an initial reference angle. If the K03 is moved to another surface, you will need to calibrate it again.

The Axicube-i is not intended for measurements other than sharpening. Correct operation of the product is guaranteed only with the TSPROF K03 Pro. The product is NOT COMPATIBLE with TSPROF Kadet and TSPROF Blitz sharpeners. Correct operation of the product with other sharpening systems is not guaranteed.

One hand stepless angle setting

The K03 Pro has a rack-and-pinion height adjuster with a steel sliding part with toothed gearing, which allows step-less adjustment of the sharpening angle in the range from 8° to 39°, with a total angle of up to 78°. 

The height adjuster has an additional lifting rod which can be used to increase the angle to the maximum value or used as a thickness compensator and can be locked with a screw on both sides of the body.

The sliding part is driven by a brass-toothed wheel and connected to the response part with a dovetail, which guarantees absolute precision of the angle setting. The steel-brass pairing ensures smooth movement of the slide. 

The response part of the height adjuster is made of a durable black polymer material - polyacetal. It is a super strong, high-performance polymer with a density of 1.420 g/cm3. Polyacetal has excellent antifriction properties, it is highly wear-resistant, provides smooth running of the rack and pinion lift, and retains its initial appearance and smooth shiny surface for a long time.

The angle measurement scale is laser printed on the front side of the slide for visual control of the angle setting.

One-hand hassle-free knife turning

The unique semi-automatic turning mechanism can be activated with adjustable pressure and has reliable auto-locking. Thanks to the system of springs and bearings, the clamping frame turns over without the wear of the mechanism. 

Use stones of the edge pro type or any flat-end stones

The universal holder allows you to use any abrasive stones with the sharpener, both on a backing plate and without it. The abrasive holder has no metal backing plate (compared to older K03 versions), but thanks to the special geometry of the stone stops, it allows you to fix the abrasives as securely as possible.

The abrasive holder rod has an increased length of 694 mm, is made of steel, and has high rigidity. The whole rod (holder + guide) is collapsible and connected with an aluminum sleeve coupling with a three-point mounting, giving the connection maximum alignment. The coupling is locked with a convenient thumbscrew which allows one motion locking.

Whole-milled clamps for a wide variety of knife types

The whole-milled clamps are made of high-strength anodized 7075 T6 aircraft aluminum. The clamps of this type provide the greatest rigidity and stability. The full-metal design of the clamps offers increased resistance to abrasive pressure, which ensures consistency of angles at all stages of work, from roughing to finishing.

This clamp type does not require calibration or adjustment for different types of blades. They have a simple and convenient principle of clamping (using one L-shaped hex key), and allow you to clamp a wide variety of knives: utility, fixed, folding, pocket, kitchen, hunting knives, etc.

Ready for use - comes with five diamond-coated plates

Diamond-coated plates provide intensive metal removal and can be used for a cutting edge with significant damage (chips, bends, etc.). 

Includes the following grit range:
— F150 Extra Coarse diamond plate - for profiling the edge and shaping the blade.
— F220 Coarse diamond plate - next step in blade shaping, still pretty coarse.
— F400 Medium diamond plate - for main sharpening stage and making a biting edge.
— F600 Fine diamond plate - for pre-finishing the edge and removing scratches.
— F1000 Very Fine diamond plate - for finishing the edge.

This TSPROF K03 Pro Sharpening System includes:

  • TSPROF K03 Pro body with Axicube-I angle finder
  • Whole-milled clamps - 2 pcs.
  • Set of 5 diamond plates
  • Spare parts
  • Steel stand
  • Packaging: wooden shipping box with foam inserts

Download Manual


More sharpness, more precision, more convenience with TSPROF K03 Pro

The new K03 Pro will help you achieve perfect knife sharpness even faster, with more precision and convenience. Together with the Axicube-i, the first electronic angle finder designed specifically for sharpening systems, it has never been easier or more convenient to set the angle with an accuracy of 0.1°.
The rack and pinion lift is equipped with a steel rack with involute (toothed) gearing for stepless adjustment of the sharpening angle. The K03 Pro requires no calibration and is assembled in minutes


Calibrated steel guides connected by a three-point coupling


*If you flip the hinge unit upside down, you can get a sharpening angle of 60-70° per side.
It is not the recommended method of sharpening



The height adjuster has a steel rod with toothed gearing, which provides stepless adjustment of the sharpening angle



The sharpening angle values are printed on the body of the height adjuster



The fixing screw of the extended height adjuster can be located on either left or right side of the mechanism

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