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📉 TSPROF Blitz 360 Standard kit – 20% off 🔥
📉 TSPROF Blitz 360 Standard kit – 20% off 🔥

Blitz Protractor stand

Suitable for:
Blitz Pro kits*
All Blitz kits
All Blitz 360 kits
Not suitable for:
All K03 Kits
All K03 Pro kits
All Kadet kits

*To use this angle finder platform with Blitz Pro, make sure that you have an Angle Finder Platform Spacer . Otherwise, you will find that the measuring is off by some degrees.

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SKU TS-BS190040

Digital protractor reference plane with a magnetic base gets fixed on the frame of the Blitz sharpening device quickly and secure and helps you set the sharpening angle with 0.1° degrees accuracy.

To set the angle using a digital protractor:

1. Clamp the knife.

2. Set the abrasive and the abrasive thickness compensator to the desired position.
3. Place the abrasive holder with the abrasive on the knife and reset the protractor on the holder.
4. Put the protractor on the plane and set the desired angle, focusing on the values of the protractor.

Set includes:

Reference plane - 1 pc.
Mounting screws - 2 pcs.