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🏆 TSPROF Giveaway! Win K03 Pro Hunter kit 🏆

Boride PC Abrasives On blanks (5 pcs)

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SKU TS-SH2101430
Set of Boride PC series abrasive stones (5 pcs.). The set includes 5 abrasives on TSPROF branded aluminum forms with a logo. Boride PC series of abrasive stones for knife sharpening are universal stones that are suitable for sharpening most grades of steel with a hardness of up to 62 HRC. The composition of the bars includes a finest grain of a high-grade aluminum oxide on a premium binder. A special, patented processing process is used in the manufacture.

The set contains abrasives of various grain sizes: from 150 to 900 grit. Such a set will be enough for all types of work, from roughing to final polishing.

Material: aluminum oxide
Size of stones: 150х25х6 mm
Size with blank: 160х25х9 mm
Quantity in the set: 5 pcs.
Gritness (FEPAgrit): F150, F220, F400, F600, F900

On the working surface of the stone, scuffs and light white streaks are allowed. They do not affect the operation of the abrasive. Small chips that do not affect the working surface of the stone are allowed.

Work recommendations: Boride PC abrasive stones are used only with a coolant. During operation and when cleaning from glaring, it is allowed to use household detergents.