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Double Clamp For Knives Sharpening Premium Quality

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• Suitable for - chef's, universal, carving, vegetable, kitchen, pocket and folding knives
• Recommended blade length - 30-300 mm
• Minimum blade width - 20 mm
• Maximum spine thickness - 3.5 mm

— Works only with K03, Kadet and Pioneer! —

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TSPROF Double clamps are adjustable to any shape of the blade. Work with K03, Kadet and Pioneer sharpeners.

The design of the clamps is based on three main elements: the base, flat springs, and clamping jaws.

Powerful jaws are connected to the base with flat flexible springs, which provide a universal fit. When installing the knife in the clamp, the springs become tense, increasing the rigidity of clamping.

The system of screws allows you to adjust the clamps to any shape of the blade in a wide range and ensure the clamping symmetry.

Of the entire line of TSPROF clamps, this type of clamps is the most universal.

In contrast to the single clamp, this one has the ability to clamp thin and long blades.  The two clamping points eliminate flexing of the blade. The clamps can be moved along the entire length of the clamping frame.

Double clamps have narrow jaws. We recommend to clamp knives with a spine thickness larger than 3.5 mm.

Suitable for: chef's, universal, carving, vegetable, kitchen, pocket and folding knives.

Double clamps specifications:

  • Blade length: 30-300 mm.
  • Min knife width: 20 mm
  • Max spine thickness: 3.5 mm
  • Jaws thickness: 16 mm, 2 pcs.

The clamps are adjustable with 2.5 mm and 3 mm screwdrivers.

Works with K03, Kadet and Pioneer sharpeners.

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