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Free Shipping For All Sharpening Kits Within The USA 🚚

Dressing Stone «Bodrid» 150GV, for cleaning sharpening stones

SKU TS-SH2201620


• For flattening and breaking in diamond and CBN copper-tin bonded abrasives.
• Made of aluminum oxide.
• Use with water.
• Size: 200x50x6.5 mm.

⚠ Do not use as a knife sharpening stone! ⚠

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Designed For Abrasive Hygiene

The abrasive cleaning bar «Bodrid» is made of aluminum oxide. It is designed for breaking in and flattening copper-tin bonded abrasives.

It allows to remove residual sludge (grease) from the stone surface and expose new abrasive grits, both on the already used and new diamond and CBN bars. Use with water.


Material Aluminum oxide
Size 200 x 50 x 6.5 mm 
Grit FEPA-F 150 grit 


There may be color irregularities on the working surface of the stone. They do not affect the performance of the abrasive. Small chips that do not affect the working surface of the stone are acceptable.

Do not use as an abrasive for knife sharpening! We do not recommend it to use as an abrasive to create a slurry!

Recommendations for use: use under running water, apply minimum pressure when working.

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