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Free Shipping For All Sharpening Kits Within The USA 🚚

Kit for upgrading K02 to K03 Expert

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Suitable for:
K02 sharpener
Not suitable for:
All Blitz/Blitz 360/Blitz Pro kits

All K03/K03 Pro kits
All Kadet kits

The rack-and-pinion lift with stepless adjustment allows you to set the angle with an accuracy of 0.05°. The body with an increased angle will allow you to sharpen knives in the range of working angles from 7° to 35°, i.e. at the general angle of up to 70°. The movable part is connected to the base with a dovetail, which guarantees absolute accuracy of the angle setting. And an additional fixing screw will allow you to rigidly lock the lift during grinding operations.

The adapter is intended for mounting the rack-and-pinion lift of the K03 knife sharpener on the K02 knife sharpener. Allows you to use on the body of the K02 sharpener a new rack-and-pinion lift of K03 and K03 Expert sharpening systems. It is supplied in a set of two parts and a connecting screw, consists of a washer and a platform for the rack-and-pinion lift, which has stoppers for easy installation of the lift. The adapter is made of aircraft aluminum with protective matt black anodizing.

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