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📉 TSPROF Blitz 360 Standard kit – 20% off 🔥
📉 TSPROF Blitz 360 Standard kit – 20% off 🔥

Sharpening angle extender

Suitable for:
All K03 Kits

Not suitable for:
All Blitz/Blitz 360/Blitz Pro kits

All Kadet/ Kadet Pro kits
All K03 Pro kits

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SKU TS-PT2000210

The sharpening angle extender is an affordable answer for extending the angle range on the TSPROF K03 system.

The sharpening angle extender is intended for extending the maximum angle range of the TSPROF rack-and-pinion lift. It is mounted between the sharpener's body and rack-and-pinion lift, increasing the angle by 6 degrees. Using two angle extenders at the same time you can increase the angle by 12 degrees.

The set includes the black-mat-anodized extender itself and two screws.

ATTENTION! The minimal sharpening angle while using the angle extender also increases by 6 or 12 degrees (when the double extender is used).