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TSPROF Alpha Resin Bonded Diamond Sharpening Stones — In Stock ✅
TSPROF Alpha Resin Bonded Diamond Sharpening Stones — In Stock ✅

TSPROF Abrasive Holder With Integrated Axicube-I Angle Finder, TYPE C

SKU TS-PT2100300C


• Real-time angle monitoring at every part of the blade
• Tri-axial inclometer measuring
• Tracking abrasive thickness changes
• Accuracy of 0.1°
• 1 charge = 8 hours

— Works with K03 (Standard, Lite, Pro*) —

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*If you need a new Axicube-I to replace a damaged one for your K03 Pro sharpener - purchase this item without a rod - Axicube-I Angle Finder.

Axicube-I digital angle finder 
- a product of TSPROF own development.

This is a digital angle finder built into the abrasive holder which shows the current sharpening angle with an accuracy of 0.1°. Axicube-i helps to control the sharpening angle in real time and track any changes in the angle, for example, when changing the abrasive. The bright display makes it easy to understand the readings in any light. The angle finder has a durable aircraft aluminum housing and is resistant to vibrations.

The Axicube has a built-in battery and charges via a USB - USB Type-C connector (you will get the Axicube-i with one or the other type). One charge is enough for a full eight-hour day of sharpening.

It comes in a kit with an upgraded abrasive holder, both rods made of stainless steel. A three-point coupling connects the holder. This system gives maximum rigidity to the guide rod during sharpening.

Read more about the principle of operation of the device in our article.


Axicube infographics

Specifications of the angle finder: 

Angle measurement: 0° — 99.9°

 Measuring accuracy: ±0.10°

Measurement scale: 0.10°

Power supply: Li-Pol, 3.7 V, 180mAh

USB-port: USB - Type-C. 

Charge indicator: +

Calibration: +

Auto Off: 2 minutes

Specifications of the guide rod:

Length, assembled: 730 mm

Abrasive length: from 20 to 215 mm

Diameter: 8 mm

Material: Steel

Clamping without a blank: Possible

Stoppers: +

Set includes:

Digital angle finder – 1 pc.

Stationary abrasive clamp - 1 pc.

Abrasive holder rod – 1 pc.

Calibration plate – 1 pc.

Spacer – 2 pcs.

USB - TYPE-C cable – 1 pc.


The product is not designed for measurements other than sharpening, the Axicube-I can only work correctly with TSPROF K03.

The product is not compatible with TSPROF Kadet and TSPROF Blitz sharpeners.

The product is not intended to be used with the "TSPROF Small Universal Table" clamp.

Correct operation of the product with other sharpeners is not guaranteed.

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