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🏆 TSPROF Giveaway! Win K03 Pro Hunter kit! 🏆
🏆 TSPROF Giveaway! Win K03 Pro Hunter kit 🏆

TSPROF Convex Mini attachment

Suitable for:
All Blitz/Blitz 360/Blitz Pro kits
All Kadet/Kadet Pro kits
Not suitable for:
All K03/K03 Pro kits 

Original price $26.00 - Original price $26.00
Original price
$26.00 - $26.00
Current price $26.00
SKU TS-BS200100

Attachment for convex sharpening of knives «TSPROF Convex Mini» - designed for Blitz, Blitz 360, and TSPROF Kadet sharpeners. It is easily mounted on the abrasive holder using an internal fixing screw and provides a maximum offset of the sharpening angle of 11.2°. This attachment provides a uniform change of angles across the entire width of the secondary bevels. As a result, you get the convex grind of the edge. During the movement of the abrasive along the secondary bevel from the cutting edge line to the spine of the knife, the range of angles changes in the direction of decreasing the angle. The attachment is suitable for any thickness behind the edge.

The attachment is made of aluminum, with black anodizing

Included: attachment for convex sharpening, fastener for mounting with a 2.5 mm screw.