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TSPROF K03 Standard 2021 Kit with 22% discount!
TSPROF K03 Standard 2021 Kit with 22% discount!

TSPROF Single Clamp

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TSPROF Single Clamp - rotating symmetrical clamp for double-sided sharpening without re-setting the knife, suitable for TSPROF K03 and Kadet sharpeners. The design of the clamp allows knives with complex blade geometry to be clamped rigidly and symmetrically. Good for hunting and folding knives with a wide blade.

It is not recommended to sharpen knives with a narrow spine on a single clamp, as they can bend during sharpening.

Minimum width of the knife is 20 mm, maximum spine thickness is 5 mm, range of angles is 10-32 degrees (for wide knives the range may differ). 

You can sharpen: tourist, folding, hunting, survival, tactical knives.

Recommended blade length: 50-200 mm

Minimum blade width: 20 mm

Jaw width: 32 mm

The clamp is adjustable with 3.0 and 2.5 mm screwdrivers