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Free Shipping For All Sharpening Kits Within The USA 🚚

TSPROF Ultra, convex attachment, 6 mm

SKU TS-PT2400576


• Convex angle offset range from 0° to 90°.
• Horizontal position for Blitz, Blitz 360, Blitz Pro
• Vertical position for Pioneer, Kadet, Kadet Nero, Kadet Pro

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Ultra Attachment For Convex Grind

Designed for Blitz, Blitz 360, Kadet, Kadet Pro and Pioneer sharpeners.

The attachment consists of a whole-milled aluminum body and an internal brass cylinder and provides a uniform change of angles across the entire width of the secondary bevel, producing a convex lens shape. As the abrasive moves along the secondary bevel from the cutting edge line to the knife spine, the sharpening angle decreases. The attachment is suitable for any thickness behind the edge of the knife.

Convex Angle Offset From 0° to 90°

It is quick to mount on the abrasive holder with a rod diameter of 6 mm. The Ultra attachment allows you to set and fine-tune any sharpening angle offset in the range from 0 to 90 degrees. It is adjusted by bending the two rods relative to each other. 

Two Mounting Positions: Horizontal And Vertical

This convex attachments offers two mounting options:
Horizontal: for Blitz, Blitz 360, Blitz Pro;

TSPROF Convex Ultra horizontal position for Blitz, Blitz 360, Blitz Pro

Vertical: for Pioneer, Kadet, Kadet Nero, Kadet Pro.

TSPROF Convex Ultra vertical position for Pioneer, Kadet, Kadet Nero, Kadet Pro

The laser markings are approximate indications of the degree of angle curvature and are not intended for precise angle setting. Use of an electronic angle finder to accurately set the convex angle range is highly recommended.

The attachment is mounted in the gap between the abrasive holder and the guide rod and is secured with 2.0 mm hex set screws. The fixing holes have a special shape to ensure that the rod is fixed on three points to eliminate any backlash.

To set the convex angle, loosen the 3.0 mm hex locking screw and adjust the inner cylinder to the required position.

The set includes: 

— TSPROF Ultra convex attachment, for 6 mm rod
— 2.0 mm hex allen key
— 3.0 mm hex allen key
— Sping, 2 pcs.

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