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Free Shipping For All Sharpening Kits Within The USA 🚚

Venev Double Sided Diamond Sharpening Stone, 6", (S), 10/7-5/3 (OSB), 100%

SKU TS-SH2201500


• 6" Venev Double Sided Diamond Bar
• GOST 10/7 = FEPA F 700 | GOST 5/3 = FEPA F 1100
• Work with water or oil
• Suitable for all TSPROF sharpeners

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Venev 10/7 - 5/3 Double Sided Diamond Bar

Made by Venev Industrial Diamonds Inc. Unlike other abrasive stones, diamond bars have a much slower wear rate, so using them with hard steels is recommended.

6" Stone Format - Works With Blitz, Kadet, Pioneer, K03

This 6" long diamond bar can be used with all TSPROF and other sharpeners.  

GOST 10/7 = FEPA F 700 | GOST 5/3 = FEPA F 1100

Both sides are manufactured using the new upgraded OSB binder. This binder differs from others in that it does not use boron carbide. In addition, the abrasive layer here is not sintered, but glued to the body of the metal plate. The absence of unnecessary inclusions of other abrasives allows softer and finer work. OSB bond is ideal for hard steel on low angles.


Size 150x24x11 mm
1st side 10/7 microns / F700 grit
2nd side 5/3 microns / F1100 grit
Diamond powder concentration:  100%
Diamond layer thickness:  3 mm

Due to production peculiarities, the width and length of the abrasive may deviate from the values specified in the description by up to 5%. 

Recommendations for work:

Use soapy water or oil. Working with oil keeps the process cleaner.

Warning. These bars require careful work: do not apply pressure on the abrasive during sharpening (especially when sharpening the tip of the knife), do not allow the abrasive to come off the blade and do not allow the bar to fall on hard surfaces. 

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