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TSPROF Whole-Milled Clamps

TSPROF Whole-Milled Clamps

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The clamps for the TSPROF K03 knife sharpener are made of high-strength aircraft aluminum of the 7075-T6 brand. This material allows you to get products with minimal weight, but with high strength. There are three types of clamps made of the aluminum 7075-T6 brand: whole-milled clamps, fillet whole-milled clamps, and a small universal table.

TSPROF whole-milled clamps they are distinguished by their monolithic construction and are made of a single aluminum piece. The accuracy of the overall dimensions and compliance with the shape of the clamps are ensured by their manufacture on a CNC-machine. This allows you to observe not only the external shape of the part but also the complex contour of the inner surface. Accuracy is necessary not only to comply with the overall dimensions of the product but also for the internal parallelism of the clamping jaws in which the blade is fixed. It is thanks to these factors that the main advantage of these clamps - increased resistance to pressure on the abrasive stone - is observed. This makes it possible to maintain constant angles at all stages of work, from grinding to polishing. The geometrically verified shape of the clamps allows you to distribute the load on the clamp as evenly as possible during sharpening and ensure high quality of work. The jaws of the clamps are securely fixed with a clamping screw made of hardened steel.


The clamps are fitted to the frame of the rotary mechanism accurately, so it can be attached as tightly as possible with a thumbscrew. And at the same time, fixing the clamp to the frame is fast, with the acquired skill it takes a few seconds. Besides, fitting the clamp to the frame allows you to move it along its entire length in just one movement. 

The jaws of the clamps are 24 mm wide. The recommended length of knives for working with this clamp is from 60 to 450 mm, and the spine thickness is up to 7 mm. The clamps are suitable for sharpening a wide range of knives: kitchen, folding, hunting, tourist, etc. In addition, these clamps can sharpen kitchen and tourist hatchets with a flat spine, machetes, and other products with a long blade.

TSPROF fillet whole-milled clamps are also made from a single aluminum billet. They are designed for fixing knives with a spine thickness of up to 3.5 mm. The outer surface of the clamps has a radially-convex shape, and the thickness of the jaws at the ends is 1 mm. This allows you to set the minimum sharpening angles, up to 7.2 degrees. The width of each clamp is 21 mm, which is enough to secure any thin knife, and when using two clamps, the blade deflection is excluded.

These clamps can be independently moved along the entire length of the frame. The length of knives that can be clamped in these clamps is from 30 to 300 mm. Fillet clamps make it possible to sharpen knives with "Scandinavian bevels". The knife with a maximum spine thickness of 3.5 mm can be sharpened with these clamps. They are also suitable for table and fillet knives with a narrow spine. They make it possible to sharpen: kitchen knives, fillet knives, keychain knives, dangerous razors, knives with "Scandi-bevels" and other narrow long knives.

The small universal table is suitable for TSPROF Kadet and K03 sharpeners. It can be used to sharpen various cutting tools with sharpening angles bigger than 45°. The base of the table is whole-milled and it has no welding joints or fasteners. As well as the clamps, it is made from a single piece of aircraft aluminum, on a CNC-machine. The base is attached to two frame holders using thumbscrews and a pressure cylinder.


The small universal table is equipped with two types of clamps: a shortened 16 mm jaw and a Y-shaped clamp. To attach the clamp and jaw to the base, there are three attachment points, which allows you to sharpen the tool with the most complex geometry of the blade. The clamp and the jaw can be used together or one at a time. They can be rotated 180 degrees on the table plane, which makes it possible for a wide variety of options for attaching the tool to its surface. Convenient wide thumbscrews allow you to firmly fix the position of the table.

The base of the universal table can be turned over in the holders, significantly expanding the range of use of the clamp. A small universal table makes it possible to sharpen scissors of various sizes, including multi-tool knives; hairdressing tools; carpentry tools, including chisels, gouges, and plane knives; ice drill blades.

 All clamps produced by TSPROF are developed by our own engineering team and have a manufacturer's warranty.

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