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TSPROF Alpha Resin Bonded Diamond Sharpening Stones — In Stock ✅
TSPROF Alpha Resin Bonded Diamond Sharpening Stones — In Stock ✅
Sharpening Protech Mordax with TSPROF KADET

Sharpening Protech Mordax with TSPROF KADET

The video review provides a comprehensive overview of the speaker's knife sharpening process, utilizing the TSPROF Kadet system.

The speaker begins by explaining the use of a 150 grit stone and stresses the significance of maintaining a consistent angle when honing the bevel.

Additionally, they underscore the necessity of flipping the burr to the opposite side after sharpening one side of the blade.

Throughout the review, the speaker reveals a preference for American-made knives, and they particularly emphasize the quality and value of a specific knife model.

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