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🏆 TSPROF Giveaway! Win K03 Pro Hunter kit 🏆
#4 Sharpening Story. Kevin Defreitas (

#4 Sharpening Story. Kevin Defreitas (

Kevin Defreitas

Social Media: Instagram

What’s up Guys!

Where to begin? I’m an Hvac technician working in NYC, I’m tool guy for sure, I prefer quality over quantity when choosing my tools for work, I need tools that are not going fail or break on me in the middle of a job. I have that same perspective when I purchase my knives.

The Knife Community is soo cool. Buying/Collecting knives, sharing cool pics of our knives, swapping out scales and fully customizing our knives, and simply talking knives with each other. I admit for a while I was hesitant to really use my knives, I just took them out for pics and rarely carried them as I was afraid that I would dull or chip my $200-$750 blade.

This lead me to want learn how to sharpen my knives myself, and let me tell you guys, in the process of doing so, it opened a whole other realm of AWESOMENESS !!

I started out with researching sharpening systems. After hundreds of YouTube videos and countless debates on the sharpening forums I picked the Tsprof Kadet Pro, I wanted a sharpening system that can help me achieve professional results and that was compact and versatile. I have no regrets in my decision.

The next chapter was trying out different sharpening stones, strops and diamond compounds. Because of the sharpening system I picked I had tons of selection in stones and strops to pick from (which I was very grateful for.)

The MOST SATISFYING PART is knowing that no matter how dull I get my blade or even if I chip it. I have capability to bring that EDGE back BETTER than factory!! It makes me now want to actually carry my knives and use my knives.

Work/Life can be stressful, it’s fun and relaxing just sharpening my knives.. Sharing that mirror polish edge with my followers and slicing through a sheet of paper but that might just be me. There’s a bunch amazing YouTube videos out there of guys that share so much wisdom, knowledge and their experiences sharpening knives, I learn a lot from them! I want to thank them for taking the time to create and share that content with the knife community!!

I would hope to help motivate you guys if you’re not already sharpening your knives to GO for it!!! It’s a whole chapter of the knife life and Hobby that you’re missing out on.

My Name is Kevin Defreitas aka on instagram. Thank you!
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