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Sharpening Stories

  • #17 Sharpening Story. Hobal Grajeda
    May 31, 2023

    #17 Sharpening Story. Hobal Grajeda

    Hobal Grajeda Social Media: Instagram, Facebook Hello, I’m Hobal Grajeda and I live in southern California. My fascination with knives began at an early age when I used to go camping and fishing with my father and grand-father. As a...

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  • #16 Sharpening Story. Nick Groff
    May 22, 2023

    #16 Sharpening Story. Nick Groff

    Nick Groff Social: Instagram I’m 26 years old, I Got back into knives about two years ago, when I did I hit the ground with my feet running and now I have 48ish knives, lol. I use a Worksharp sharpener...

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  • #15 Sharpening Story. Nick Riise
    May 15, 2023

    #15 Sharpening Story. Nick Riise

    Nick Riise Social Media: Facebook My name is Nick Riise, and I currently reside in St. John's Newfoundland, Canada with my wife. We recently embarked on a long journey from Kelowna B.C. Canada to our current home, covering a total...

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  • #14 Sharpening Story. Dennis Holcomb
    May 2, 2023

    #14 Sharpening Story. Dennis Holcomb

    Dennis HolcombSocial Media: Instagram My name is Dennis Holcomb, I am 53 years old, I’m from Alabama and started getting interested in knives when I turned 23. I started out collecting a few knives as my budget could afford it...

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  • #13 Sharpening Story. Patrick Gerst
    April 26, 2023

    #13 Sharpening Story. Patrick Gerst

    Patrick Gerst Social Media: Instagram Well first I will start off with an introduction, My name is Patrick Gerst of Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. Knives and edged weapons/tools have always been very interesting to me. As a young boy I...

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  • #12 Sharpening Story. Mitchell Ritter
    April 13, 2023

    #12 Sharpening Story. Mitchell Ritter

    Mitchell Ritter Social Media: Instagram Hello edge enthusiasts! My name is Mitchell Ritter and I’ve spent most of my life in the small city of Fort Bragg, California. I currently work at a canoe and bicycle rental shop in Mendocino...

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  • #11 Sharpening Story. Ward LeRoy
    April 12, 2023

    #11 Sharpening Story. Ward LeRoy

    Ward LeRoy Social Media: Instagram, YouTubeI’m Ward LeRoy. I live in the Inland Empire of California.I am fairly new to knife collecting, but I have carried a knife almost everyday for nearly forty years. My purpose for everyday carrying of...

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  • #10 Sharpening Story. Peter Martin
    April 10, 2023

    #10 Sharpening Story. Peter Martin

    Peter Martin Social Media: Instagram Before we begin with how my sharpening story began, we have to start with how I began collecting knives in the first place. This obsession started 3-4 years ago when I had the impulse to...

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  • #9 Sharpening Story. Lars Kirkeby
    April 6, 2023

    #9 Sharpening Story. Lars Kirkeby

    Lars Kirkeby Social Media: Instagram TSPROF: One man’s sharpening adventure Back in the day my first experiences with sharpening was lay flat or pocket size stones. With a smooth hand I was able to get a decent edge, though it...

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  • #8 Sharpening Story. Oscar Adkins
    March 28, 2023

    #8 Sharpening Story. Oscar Adkins

    Oscar Adkins Social Media: Instagram Hello my name is Oscar adkins I live in Lexington Kentucky. I'm from Eastern Kentucky Floyd county. I have been in to knife and tool sharpening sense I was bout 7 or 8 I imagine...

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  • #7 Sharpening Story. Adam Reddick
    March 22, 2023

    #7 Sharpening Story. Adam Reddick

    Adam Reddick Social Media: Tiktok, Facebook My name is Adam Reddick. I am a youth athletic coordinator and a hobby knife maker from Weakley County Tennessee. By day, as an athletic coordinator, I run and organize youth sports such as...

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  • #6 Sharpening Story. Nick Henke
    March 22, 2023

    #6 Sharpening Story. Nick Henke

    Nick Henke Social Media: Instagram A little about me… My name is Nick, and I live in California. I grew up in the midwest and moved to California about a decade ago for work. The area I live in has...

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