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#7 Sharpening Story. Adam Reddick

#7 Sharpening Story. Adam Reddick

Adam Reddick

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My name is Adam Reddick. I am a youth athletic coordinator and a hobby knife maker from Weakley County Tennessee. By day, as an athletic coordinator, I run and organize youth sports such as softball, baseball, soccer and basketball for kids ages 4-18. It is a rewarding but very challenging job. It is very difficult and taxing to try and keep everything running smoothly and to try and keep all coaches and parents happy, but seeing the joy of the young ones out there playing makes it all worth it!

I started collecting knives about 10 years ago when I decided I needed a multitool to carry around at work to fix small things around the park without having to go all the way back to the maintenance shop to grab traditional tools. The search for the right multitool led me to searching between the difference of 440c and s30v steel-- I have been down the rabbit hole ever since. I keep a small collection of about 30 knives that range from cheaper production knives all the way up to customs- Aus 8 steel to m4- manual and automatic. I love them all!

My long knife collecting hobby turned into a knife making hobby about 2 and a half years ago. I started out with just wanting to make 3 knives that year to give away as Christmas gifts. It has since turned into a phenomenal hobby that I love doing in my free time and also get to make a little money at it as well.

My knife company name is Garner Branch knives, which differs from alot of makers who use their name as their title. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted my makers mark to be, and about that time I had just purchased my grandparents home; who had recently passed. Not only did my grandparents build the home that me and my family live in, a Reddick has also lived on this little plot of land for at least 4 generations. The name itself, Garner Branch, comes from a little stream that forms the east line of my property. I could not think of a better way to honor my ancestors and this little slice of heaven than to put it on my creations!
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