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#6 Sharpening Story. Nick Henke

#6 Sharpening Story. Nick Henke

Nick Henke

Social Media: Instagram

A little about me…

My name is Nick, and I live in California. I grew up in the midwest and moved to California about a decade ago for work. The area I live in has a ton of outdoor recreation activities.

I haven’t always been a knife guy… really it’s a pretty recent thing for me. I’ve always carried a knife, but nothing fancy or expensive. I still don’t carry anything super fancy or expensive, but I definitely have much more appreciation for these types of knives now.

A couple years ago a friend of mine who is really into flashlights showed me a couple really high quality flashlights from his collection. From there I got into flashlights and discovered the vast EDC community.

I started with getting some flashlights and then I found the fidget spinner community. I went head first into that niche and bought and sold several types of fidget spinners, sliders, and clickers.

Being involved with the flashlight and fidget communities, I discovered I wanted to expand a little more into EDC. There are only so many flashlights and fidget spinners you can carry with you on a regular basis, but I always was carrying a pocket knife for work… or three. Even on my days off I had a pocket knife on me, so it was a natural progression to get into knives.

I’ve bought and sold several pocket knives over the past year or so now. It is really pretty amazing how different designs really can feel so different in hand. It’s really been a fun hobby to get into. Also, it is a great group of people with so many helpful, knowledgeable, and passionate enthusiasts in the community!

My collection varies… I have daily users of course, but I really like to check out different styles. Some of my favorite pieces are very artistic (unique anodized titanium, different locking methods, and futuristic designs).

Now, I’ve found I need to get a knife sharpening system. I have some stones and strops that I’ve used to hand sharpen knives before, but I definitely don’t feel I’m good enough at it to use that method on some nicer knives. I’ve done my research, and I feel the TSPROF systems would be the best fit for me, although I’ve still been debating which one to get. I’ve watched a ton of videos and read a lot, but I still haven’t picked one…yet.

Either way, I’m looking forward to honing this new skill… pun intended!
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