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#8 Sharpening Story. Oscar Adkins

#8 Sharpening Story. Oscar Adkins

Oscar Adkins

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Hello my name is Oscar adkins I live in Lexington Kentucky. I'm from Eastern Kentucky Floyd county. I have been in to knife and tool sharpening sense I was bout 7 or 8 I imagine maybe Early with pocket knives and such always loved whittling on sticks. I come from a construction back ground mostly roofing. Today I do HVAC and electric. I hate the crudy durability and wastefulness of utility blades so I prefer a knife and the have more use than utility. So I currently use the green knife on the right side bottom is currently my EDC. I also recently have picked up knife making as a hobby.. I unsharpened blade us a useless one to me so I very often sharpen and make edges now on my own knives. I find the measure that I take to be extremely technique oriented.. and recommend systems like these even though I don't own one due to cost. I still scuff a blade here and there I would really like to have clean angles on my knife and consistency in my sharpening.. even though I have done the most of my life u make mistakes that would be easily avoided with machines like this. Is why I am writing it this is because I would really like one but definitely can't afford one.. so come on what do u say?

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