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#9 Sharpening Story. Lars Kirkeby

#9 Sharpening Story. Lars Kirkeby

Lars Kirkeby

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TSPROF: One man’s sharpening adventure Back in the day my first experiences with sharpening was lay flat or pocket size stones. With a smooth hand I was able to get a decent edge, though it was tedious work. I upgraded to the Spyderco sharpmaker in 2018. While simple and portable for a field sharpener it was lacking in some aspects. New super steels took forever, but it generally did the trick. From there I grabbed a Viper Sharp as my first hands on with a guided sharpener. I loved that it was simple and actually a beautiful work of art. The diamond coated ‘stones’ cut through any steel thrown their way. The guy making them was awesome and it was generally a great system. Enough to cover basic sharpening needs. Its one limitation being the design was suited to smaller length blades. Introduce TSPROF so the kitchen sharps would get some loving too. This was around the release time of the Blitz 360 unit. A TSPROF rep hooked me up with a small discount and it showed up soon after. Well packaged and impressive craftsmanship. It felt solid and with the dual clamps I finally had my kitchen full of finger slicers. My one complaint on the Blitz 360 is the ‘scorpion tail’ as, if I recall correctly, it didn’t lock down and would constantly move up and down. It was a bit over-engineered for my needs. But I enjoyed using it and would baby its tail waggle to get wicked sharp blades over and over again. I even built a carry box for it and all my juices and extras to store away. When TSPROF announced the Kadet unit I instantly knew it was a winner. Simple, compact, and well made. I moved the Blitz and in comes the Kadet. Great little unit that could accommodate large knives as well as small and packed away even smaller than the Blitz. I’d say my complaints with the original Kadet were the lack of a second rod stopper in the box and a janky adjustment option. But it appears they have since addressed both of those issues. Since they have updated that unit and also made it Batman-esque. While I have not yet landed the new Kadet, but already moved along the original Kadet, I am awaiting the TSPROF sale season to acquire one. Who knows, perhaps they’ll even release something new to check out. Either way the Kadet and likely all TSPROF units, are worth the money and highly recommended.

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