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#10 Sharpening Story. Peter Martin

#10 Sharpening Story. Peter Martin

Peter Martin

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Before we begin with how my sharpening story began, we have to start with how I began collecting knives in the first place. This obsession started 3-4 years ago when I had the impulse to buy a USMC Kabar, because I thought it looked cool. It was amazing how confidence inspiring it was in hand! Ultimately it was way to big for me to carry places with me. On to the next knife, a Gerber Paraframe. That came with the worst possible edge out of box. Which starts us on my sharpening journey with a Dewalt hand-held sharpening pull through. Edge didn’t come up by any stretch of the imagination but better, this single handedly lead to an obsession. Watching videos from Micheal Christy and Sean at Big Brown Bear, I started freehand sharpening. Bought my first set of diamond stones and got to work, and I was able to finally get hair-popping edges. There was a problem, as I was honing my craft my knives became more expensive, with harder steel, and requiring more acute edge angles to achieve maximum performance. I messed many a high dollar knife by laying back the edge too far, and for me an edge must cut well as well as look good while doing it. Coming to an end, because I wasn’t able to get crispy edges consistently, I delved into my first guided system with the WorkSharp Precision Adjust system. It’s a good system but after buying multiple aftermarket parts to make it better I’ve realized I’m still not getting the best edges that my knives deserve. Which is why I’m entering the giveaway for the TSPROF! Thank you guys for hosting this event, and I’m very grateful. I wish the best of luck to all the participants who are trying to better their craft and maintain there edges in the best way possible with your system. Any advice I’d give to someone just recently getting into the hobby, spend the extra money and do your research. You pay for what you get, but there is a point of diminishing returns. Your sharpening system is not one of them!

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