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#11 Sharpening Story. Ward LeRoy

#11 Sharpening Story. Ward LeRoy

Ward LeRoy

Social Media: Instagram, YouTube

I’m Ward LeRoy. I live in the Inland Empire of California.I am fairly new to knife collecting, but I have carried a knife almost everyday for nearly forty years. My purpose for everyday carrying of a knife (EDC) was fairly utilitarian. My knife was more of a tool for work with the occasional cutting of food at lunch, for use while camping or outdoors. Even the way I sharpened my knives was basic, using a basic sharpener, and getting “good enough” results. As I am coming close to retirement, I have become increasingly interested in collecting knives. The proper care, maintenance and sharpening of my knives. And as needed, customization of my knives. Weather it’s new scales, titanium and anodized hardware, a lanyard, or whatever it may be. There always is something that might increase the “cool” factor.

My journey kind of started while I was performing some research on purchasing a new knife for work. There were so brands, styles, materials, blade shapes and sizes to choose from. My search led to social media and Youtube. That’s where I fell down the rabbit hole. I have meet some really good people in the knife community who a willing to help and give their opinion and reasoning for their opinions. I have learned a lot in the short time I have been researching. My latest discovery is that many of the newer “super steels” perform better if they are properly sharpened. I have also come to appreciate a polished blade edge. Something that “good enough” sharpening doesn’t do. It appears to be an art. I’m still learning and practicing, hopefully with precision and perfection. That’s why I have found TSPROF sharpeners. I hope try some of their sharpeners in the near future.

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