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#16 Sharpening Story. Nick Groff

#16 Sharpening Story. Nick Groff

Nick Groff

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I’m 26 years old, I Got back into knives about two years ago, when I did I hit the ground with my feet running and now I have 48ish knives, lol. I use a Worksharp sharpener to touch edges up but it just doesn’t perform the way I’d like it too. I’m an heavy equipment operator so I use my knives for daily stuff. Cutting tape, rope, zip ties. Ect. I’d love to put some high polished edges on some of my premium/high end knives but just can’t do that. I see a lot of content about these sharpeners they just aren’t in my budget at the moment.
I also really enjoy higher end steels and most sharpeners just can’t sharpen those with ease. I have a small two acre farm, I ride dirt bikes and motorcycles, I absolutely love the outdoors and fishing. I usually spend my weekends wat hung knife videos and sharpening up some knives or hiking and swimming in the lakes. My favorite knives right now are the Miguron ameight glear in s90v, Spyderco para 3 Maxamet with rgt scales and a MXG clip, also all divo knives been hard carrying the growler and mash for awhile. I also edc a fixed blade right now it’s the Magnacut Bradford guardian 3. Absolutely fireeee! I love Al
Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I have a beach house in Florida so I go there in the winters and fish and stuff because it’s warm then lol. Hate the cold. Best advise I’d give to someone getting into knives and sharpening is to just take your time, don’t just jump in head first like I did lol.

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