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#14 Sharpening Story. Dennis Holcomb

#14 Sharpening Story. Dennis Holcomb

Dennis Holcomb

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My name is Dennis Holcomb, I am 53 years old, I’m from Alabama and started getting interested in knives when I turned 23. I started out collecting a few knives as my budget could afford it and soon became addicted to beautiful knives as time went on. As you can imagine, I have a few now. Knives become dull as you use them so I had to learn how to sharpen if I wanted to continue to use them. I learned to sharpen free hand because at the time, that’s all there was. I became proficient in sharpening, I was never super great at it but it was enough to get the job done and keep the knife in working condition. 5 years ago I met a man at a deer expo who had a knife in his pocket that I recognized because I had this same knife as well. I asked him if I could see the knife and when he showed it to me it had a beautiful mirror edge on it. I was totally amazed at the edge on this knife, I had never seen anything like it so I asked him how he got this knife so sharp and beautiful and that’s when I was introduced to the sharpening systems out on the market. I did my homework by investigating these sharpening systems so I started out with the KME as it was all I could afford and it had a great reputation. The KME worked great for what I was wanting to accomplish at the time which was a very sharp knife with a mirror edge. As time went on and I became addicted to sharpening knives and I saved my hard earned money to buy the TSPROF Blitz 360 and I love it. The 360 has taken my love and skills on knife sharpening to another level and I enjoy it so much. Knife sharpening has become a passion now, a way to decompress from stress and most of all it’s just FUN!! What started out as me sharpening my own knives turned into my friends and their friends and now for the first time this year customers. I use the extra money I receive from sharpening to expand my knife sharpening capabilities and to pay for my supplies so I can continue to sharpen. It’s a great way to relax, have fun and do something constructive. Most of all, there is nothing better than to watch your friends & customers eyes sparkle when they get their pretty edge that will shave the hair off their arm.

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