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TSPROF Alpha Resin Bonded Diamond Sharpening Stones — In Stock ✅
TSPROF Alpha Resin Bonded Diamond Sharpening Stones — In Stock ✅
#1 Sharpening Story. Nir Sharon

#1 Sharpening Story. Nir Sharon

Nir Sharon

Social Media: Instagram

My name is Nir Sharon, I'm from North Carolina, USA.

I've been doing sharpening for almost 10 years and tried many many sharpening tools - From water stones, to wet sanding.

I'm sharepening as a hobbyist right now and doing my own EDC knives, family and friends' kitchen cutlery and helping my friends with getting into the world of knife metallurgy and sharpening.

For me, the act of sharpening can be satisfying because it involves transforming a dull or blunt object into a sharp and precise tool. This process can provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, especially if the newly sharpened object is used to complete a task successfully - Whether it's in the kitchen, work or house work.

For me, sharpening has always been a meditative, calming activity, similar to other forms of manual work that I do such as woodworking. Focusing on the task help me clear my mind from the day to day and reduce stress.

In there is nothing like the aesthetic of shiny polished, and well-sharpened knife.

TSProf K03 has been a game changer for me - allowing me a quick, consistent result with every use! Since getting the K03 system, it's my only sharepener - It's an absolute one-stop-shop for all my sharpening and reprofiling. I'm able to get exactly what I want, every time - Precise angle using the axicube, razor sharp edge and a perfect results that lasts and is repeatable every single time!

TSProf sharpeners are simply the best out there and you should get one if you're considering yourself a serious knife sharpener who aim for perfection across the board!

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