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TSPROF Alpha Resin Bonded Diamond Sharpening Stones — In Stock ✅
TSPROF Alpha Resin Bonded Diamond Sharpening Stones — In Stock ✅

TSPROF Kadet Pro Sharpening Kit, Version T



• Medium size - universal professional sharpening system.
• Reliable materials - 7075T6 aircraft aluminum.
• Turning mechanism - keep the same angle on both sides of the blade.
• Incredible precision - easy to set the angle thanks to the rack and pinion lift.
• Sharpening angle- from 9° to 28° per side, maximum total angle - up to 58°.
• Blade thickness - up to 7mm/0.275" in.
• Blade length - from 50 to 300 mm.
• Universal holder - use any flat-end or Edge Pro stones from 10 to 160 mm long.
• Abrasives included - set of five effective, easy to use, and maintain diamond plates (150-1000 grit).
• T - stands for technological.

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T - for technological ⚙

TSPROF Kadet Pro Version T has an original Kadet aluminum body which emphasizes rigid construction, tight tolerances, absolute precision in every detail and overall design complexity.

The TSPROF Kadet® Pro Knife Sharpening Kit means perfect knife sharpness wherever you are and has everything for top quality sharpening:

Whole-milled universal clamps allow you to sharpen compact folding and solid hunting knives.

Knife turning mechanism keeps the same sharpening angle on both sides of the knife. After turning, the lever locks the clamping frame in place.

Smooth setting of the sharpening angle in the range from 9° to 28° with the toothed rack and pinion height adjuster. The height adjuster slides on the arched rack made of a single piece of aluminum. When you turn the height adjusting knob, the body moves around the virtual center where the knife's cutting edge is. After adjusting the angle, use the locking lever to fix the height adjuster.

The TSPROF Kadet Pro is compatible with all clamps from the TSPROF K03 sharpening system: fillet, single, double, and small universal table for sharpening of tools.

TSPROF Kadet Pro is easy to disassemble and fold for storage or transportation. The weight of the sharpener is just 2100 g / 4.7 lbs, which makes the sharpener mobile and gives sufficient stability when sharpening.

Abrasives included

Kadet Pro sharpening kit includes 5 diamond plates of various grit, from Extra Coarse to finishing (Very Fine). These plates do not require breaking in, soaking in water or the use of oil.

Includes the following grit range:
— F150 Extra Coarse
diamond plate - for profiling the edge and shaping the blade.
— F220 Coarse 
diamond plate - next step in blade shaping, still pretty coarse.
— F400 Medium
 diamond plate - for main sharpening stage and making a biting edge.
— F600 Fine
 diamond plate - for pre-finishing the edge and removing scratches.
— F1000 Very Fine 
diamond plate - for finishing the edge.

TSPROF Kadet Pro Version T Sharpening Kit includes:

  • TSPROF Kadet Pro Sharpener
  • Standard Whole-milled Kadet clamps - 2 pcs.
  • Set of 5 diamond abrasive plates
  • Spare parts
  • Packaging: Cardboard box


Spine thickness of knives: up to 7 mm

Blade length: up to 300 mm

Blade width: up to 40 mm

Minimum sharpening angle: 9°

Maximum sharpening angle: 28°

Compatible with abrasives of length: 10 to 160 mm

Compatible with abrasives of thicknesses: 3 to 15 mm

Weight: 2100 g / 4.7 lbs

The manufacturer reserves the right to make minor changes in the appearance of the product

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The turning mechanism is securely locked by the lever and allows you to comfortably sharpen knives to the same angle on both sides of the blade



The base of the device is a 10 mm thick steel plate. The shock-absorbing legs dampen vibrations, reduce noise from sharpening and prevent the device from sliding around the table



The unique rack and pinion lift moves on an arched rack around the virtual center.
A simple rotation of the adjustment knob allows smooth angle setting with an accuracy of 0.1°



The TSPROF Kadet Pro allows you to sharpen most types of knives. Choose any angle you need depending on the use of knife

The TSPROF Kadet Pro fits on a shelf and is convenient to transport wherever you need to sharpen your knife

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